Project information

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is redeveloping the existing Calabogie Generating Station (GS). This Proposed Undertaking involves an Environmental Assessment (EA) under the Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) Class EA for Waterpower Projects as a Project Associated with Existing Infrastructure. Constructed in 1917, the original station had an installed capacity of 5 megawatts (MW) and is now at its end of life stage. OPG intends to redevelop the site and increase the station’s capacity to approximately 11 MW. The Proposed Undertaking is on the Madawaska River within the village of Calabogie, in the Township of Greater Madawaska, Ontario, as detailed on the map below. OPG does not plan to alter the approved water levels and flows as described in the Madawaska River Water Management Plan (WMP). As such, the anticipated zone of impact for the Project is limited to the immediate area around the station (see shaded/hatched area on the map).

The Class EA process requires OPG to assess the Project to evaluate its potential effects to the environment (positive and negative) and prepare a detailed Environmental Report (ER). That Report is now complete. The conclusions of the ER indicate that any negative environmental effects associated with the proposed Project are minor and/or temporary and can be addressed through appropriate mitigation and monitoring measures that will be implemented during the construction and operational periods of the Project. The new GS at Calabogie will be slightly larger and will help OPG better match water flows with the upstream and downstream generating stations and result in increased utilization of the available water resources, increasing the capacity of the facility to approximately 11 MW. The Project will also allow for an investment into the infrastructure at the facility and produce important local employment benefits and revenues for the Province.

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